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BPHA was established in 1990 and was formerly known as Bedfordshire Pilgrims Housing Association now known as bpha. As of February 2013, bpha manages 16,000 homes and employs over 300 staff. Since 1992, bpha has helped more than 5,000 families into home ownership and manages more than 1,000 shared ownership properties.

DB Integration have helped bpha with a number of key IT projects including their Genero Implementation, Genero Contractor Repairs Interface, AVO Process Mapping, Data Quality, Tenant Census Web Application and a Property Input Form processor.

TVHA was set up in 1966 and finished their first building project two years later. One of their aims was to make it easier for people to own their own homes. They made that happen in 1980 when their first shared ownership homes were built. As of June 2014 TVHA manages approximately 18,000 properties.

DB Integration have been working closely with Progressive Systems Solutions and Shortall Consultancy to design, build and deploy a Contractor Interface via a Web Service between TVHA and their repairs partner Axis.

The interface links Civica Workflow, Civica Universal Housing and Axis Uniclass with appointments booked through Xmbrace Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS).

MTVH Thames Valley Housing and Metropolitan Housing merged in October 2018 to become Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing where DB Integration continue to support both the Universal Housing and Contact Manager Workflow products.

MOAT is a leading housing association based in Crossways in Dartford, working in the South East providing high quality homes and services.

DB Integration helped Moat to extract of all it's documents held within Contact Manager so that they could move to Microsoft Dynamics. DB Integration produced a Microsoft Windows service application that populated an extraction table in the SQL Server database and extracted all of the required documnets into a windows directory structure. The table data was then used to import the corresponding documents into Microsoft Dynamics.

saha was originally set up by The Salvation Army to manage the administration involved in housing newly retired officers and to explore opportunities for acquiring further accommodation. The first official letter of the new Housing Association was dated 1st May 1959.

DB Integration have been working closely with Progressive System Solutions to provide saha with an interim interface between Chapter 1's QLX housing system and saha's UH housing system.

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